C25 Switch Wireless Joycon Controller

C25 Switch Wireless Joycon Controller

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Are you looking for a set of Joy Con replacements? This Joy Con pad is an affordable option.

* Precise joysticks - accurate input with no delay, no drifting, Zero Dead zone and high Sensitivity

* 6-axis sensor - contains one accelerometer and one gyroscope in each controller for game needs

* Dual Shock - Built in dual-vibration motors. Let you vividly feel each hit, crash and explosion

* Screen shot & home button - same function as the original joycon controller * Two ways of recharge - recharged in 2 hours, could either charge by console(with type C) or included micro USB cable

Note: 1. It is a 3rd party item. 2. No NFC (amiibo), console wakeup and infrared motion. 3. Do not fit with official case/grip. 4. When console updated by Nintendo, controllers will need to be updated by connecting to PC. 5. Press "mode" Once and all lights go off.

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