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LEGO® Dimensions: Fun Pack Adventure Time Marceline - Toy by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment The Chelsea Gamer

LEGO® Dimensions: Fun Pack Adventure Time Marceline


Keep the Adventure Time party rocking in the LEGO DIMENSIONS multiverse with Marceline the Vampire Queen! Build and place the Marceline minifigure on the LEGO Toy Pad to send her into the game with her Sonar Smash and Bolt Deflector abilities, using the Marceline Axe Guitar. Activate her Telekinesis and Teleport skills to make your way through the Adventure Time Adventure World and Battle Arena. Build and use Marceline's Lunatic Amp to make some noise, and rebuild it into the Shadow Scorpion and Heavy Metal Monster when you need even more power.

This set includes a buildable Marceline minifigure and her axe guitar, a 3-in-1 vehicle, and an Adventure World with a Battle Arena.

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