Rainbow Six Siege Gold PS4

Rainbow Six Siege Gold PS4

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Platform:PlayStation 4

Product Description

Rainbow Six Gold Edition includes Rainbow Six Siege & the season pass

Box Contains


  • COUNTER TERRORIST UNITSCounter terrorist operatives are trained to handle extreme situations, such as hostage rescue, with surgical precision
  • THE SIEGE GAMEPLAYFor the first time in Rainbow Six, players will engage in sieges, a brand-new style of assault
  • PROCEDURAL DESTRUCTIONDestruction is at the heart of the siege gameplay.
  • Season pass includes: 8 new operators
  • 6 weapon skins & 3 headgear items
  • 600 Rainbow Credits

PEGI 18+

PEGI 18+: The level of violence can become gross and can include horrific methods of bringing severe injury or death including torture, decapitation or dismemberment. Violence against vulnerable characters such as children and the elderly may feature, along with motiveless violence against multiple innocents.

Sexual violence and threat are also classified at PEGI 18 and sexual activity with visible genital organs can be shown. The game may include detailed descriptions of criminal techniques, or it may glamorise the use of illegal drugs.

This game is rated by Games rating authority and PEGI

The Chelsea Gamer and the Video Standards Council

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