Stealth SX112 Game Grips (Xbox One)
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Stealth SX112 Game Grips (Xbox One)

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Product Description

Keep your hands steady during combat, a good grip of your controller will keep your aim true and could be the difference between life and death! These Stealth Game Grips are an essential controller accessory kit. The pack contains two Silicone Jackets and four Thumb Grips. The Controller jackets have been designed so you have full access to all controller functions. The Silicone Jackets are designed to ensure comfort and grip during long gaming sessions. The four Thumb Grips are also included in the pack to provide greater grip and a more comfortable handling of your controller - giving you a notable advantage over your competition. The Stealth Game Grips are intended to protect your controller against unwanted scuffs and scratches. In addition, with a great easy fit design, you won't have any troubles getting them on and off your XBOX ONE controllers. ACCURACY - REMAIN CONTROLLED Box Contains: 2 x Stealth XBOX ONE Game Grips 4 x Thumb Buttons for Analogue Sticks

Box Contains

2 x Game Grips & 4 x Thumb Grips

  • Allows full access to all controls
  • Provides protection against unwanted scuffs and scratches to your controller
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Allows for greater grip and comfort of your XBOX ONE controller