Digimon - Vital Bracelet Series

Digimon Vital Bracelets are Fitbit styled activity trackers with a Digimon digital pet stored inside. The bracelet counts your number of steps and your heartbeat and turns these into points which level up and strengthen your Digimon. When enough points are earned your Digimon can Digivolve into a stronger one. A higher score means you will have a stronger or even completely different Digimon someone who has a lower score.

You can also pit your Digimon against another Vital Bracelet wearer in a battle, where you earn points or lose points depending on the outcome.

The Vital Bracelets come in Black or White, and contain an “Impulse City” Dim Card which starts you off with one Digimon. Other Dim Cards are available which allow you to change the Digimon on your device. Only 2 Digimon can be stored on a device at any one time.

The ultimate in devices, "VITAL BRACELET", brings play to your daily life by utilizing the number of steps you take and your heartbeat.
This wearable toy Digivolves the Digimon into various forms by reading the wearer's heartbeat.
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