NEOGEO Mini Console: International Version
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NEOGEO Mini Console: International Version

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The original and arguably greatest arcade console is back! To celebrate 40 years of gaming, SNK are proud to present the NEOGEO Mini, a portable arcade console with 40 classic NEOGEO games from legendary franchises such as King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Fatal Fury and many more.

Featuring a 3.5 inch display and classic arcade stick controls, the NEOGEO mini delivers an authentic arcade experience in the palm of your hand. Measuring at 152mm x 135mm x 108mm, connect the NEOGEO to any portable power bank using the included type C cable and enjoy portable arcade quality gaming on the go. Once home, you can continue the action on your big screen.

NEOGEO features HDMI output (HDMI Cable not included) to allow you to connect your console to your TV or monitor.

You can even connect up to two additional controllers (sold separately) to enjoy home console style multiplayer action. NEOGEO – the legacy lives on.

Includes 40 Classic SNK NEOGEO games:

Metal Slug • Metal Slug 2 • Metal Slug 3 • Metal Slug X • Metal Slug 4 • Metal Slug 5 • King of the Monsters • King of the Monsters 2 • Sengoku 3 • Magician Lord • Blue’s Journey • Shock Troopers • Shock Troopers 2nd Squad • Robo Army • Crossed Swords • Mutation Nation • 3 Count Bout • King of Fighters 95 • King of Fighters 97 •King of Fighters 98 • King of Fighters 2000 • King of Fighters 2002 • Art of Fighting • Fatal Fury Special • Real Bout Fatal Fury • Garou: Mark of the Wolves • Samurai Showdown II • Samurai Showdown IV • Samurai Showdown V Special • Last Blade 2 • World Heroes Perfect • Kizuna Encounter • Ninja Masters • Top Players Golf • Super Sidekicks • Football Frenzy • Blazing Star • Last Resort • Ghost Pilots • Puzzled.