Resident Evil Nemesis 15In Soft Statue

Resident Evil Nemesis 15In Soft Statue

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Released 27th March 2019 by Minted Labs

Very Limited Stocks

From Minted Labs. Relive the Horror with this Resident Evil Nemesis 15" Soft Statue. High quality rotocast, head, hands feet, bendable armature, PU fabric, Bazooka gun, closed box.

  • 1: 6th Scale Soft Statue
  • Rotocast, head, hands feet
  • Inner posable Armature
  • Detailed Outfit
  • Available for limited time

PEGI 16+

PEGI 16+: The game may feature realistic violence to human characters including death and injury and can often include blood and bodies that remain after they are dead. The worst forms of bad language can be heard including sexual expletives.

Sexual activity can be shown but it must not include visible genitals. Depictions of erotic nudity may feature. The use of tobacco and alcohol may be encouraged, and the game can feature the use of illegal drugs. The game could glamorise crime.

This game is rated by Games rating authority and PEGI

The Chelsea Gamer and the Video Standards Council