The Golf Club 2 - Xbox One
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by , written on May 4, 2006
I really enjoyed this book. It captures the essential challenge people face as they try make sense of their lives and grow to adulthood.

The Golf Club 2 - Xbox One

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The Golf Club 2

Rise to fame and fortune in one of the largest, most dynamic golf games ever created. Assemble and join online Societies with friends, compete in tournaments, and earn money to climb the ranks in golf’s largest gaming community.

The Golf Club 2 offers a dynamic, single-player Career mode, infinite hours of interactive golfing with online opponents, an improved course creator, cutting-edge swing mechanics, and a host of lush environments - all blending together seamlessly to create your dream golfing experience.

  • Become a Pro in Career mode. Progress through a custom or pre-designed season by winning games and upgrading your clothing and gear, facing more difficult competition as you go.
  • Take your Society to the Top. Create or join multiple online Societies and challenge other clubhouses in tournaments to earn money and climb the ranks, constantly representing your team in every game you play.
  • Improve your Game. Play 100,000+ user-generated courses (from The Golf Club and The Golf Club 2) to test and improve your skills, plus compete in full seasons and major tournaments, either solo or with your golf Society.
  • Create Dynamic Golf Courses. Build any golf course you can imagine with the largest collection of props, tools, water features, bridges, vehicles, crowds, and more!

Includes Bonus Day One content: The Aristocrat pack.

Get a head start on your career with bonus in-game content that will take you from rags to riches. The Aristocrat pack includes:

Moneybags – Save time and get rich quick with an instant payout that will boost your career and give you serious purchasing power.

Elite Club – Make your competitors jealous and stand out amongst the crowd with an exclusive 24k solid gold driver.

Premier Clubhouse – Gain access to an exclusive high society clubhouse for you and your friends.

Heirloom Apparel – Play in style with a throwback outfit from the golden age of golf.

Elite Emblem – Add class to your Society logo with a signature badge.


PEGI 3+: Majority of games in this category are considered suitable for all age groups and does not contain anything that requires rating or warrants a content warning.  No violence descriptors but may contain slapstick violence as long as it is in a comical sense or not considered to be disturbing in any way, nudity allowed in a natural and non-sexual manner such as breast-feeding.

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