Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller

Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller

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  • T-MOD technology and Hot Swap feature lets you swap a module with any other - at any point in a game
  • Extremely precise modules and action buttons for minimal response times, thanks to super-responsive, durable tact switches, ensuring an extended lifespan
  • 4 extra, ergonomically-configured and re-mappable rear buttons. Adjust the sensitivity of the triggers' activation. Switch between 2 different presets in real time, for instant adaptability
  • Unlimited ecosystem of modules (sold separately) for maximum versatility and constantly-improving gaming comfort
  • Dedicated PC software lets you adjust all of the controller's important settings (gaming presets, remapping, sensitivity, vibrations, etc.)
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Thrustmaster is thrilled to offer a brand-new piece of gaming gear for PS4 and PC: its first professional controller, designed for gamers looking to take their gaming to the next level, reach new heights of performance and achieve the best possible rankings. Featuring exclusive T-MOD technology, the eSwap Pro Controller has been developed to adapt to all gaming styles thanks to its completely modular ergonomics, industrial-grade components, dedicated configuration software for the controller, and an ecosystem of additional modules allowing for unlimited upgrading possibilities (sold separately). This product is an officially-licensed PlayStation 4 device, and is also compatible with PCs running Windows 10 (PC compatibility not tested or approved by Sony Interactive Entertainment). #NoBoostingRequired

1 x eSwap Pro Controller 2 x interchangeable short mini-stick modules 2 x interchangeable grip modules 2 x interchangeable triggers 1 x interchangeable 4-direction D-pad module 1 x power cable 1 x screwdriver for removing the modules 1 x small storage bag for screwdriver and cable Quick start guide and warranty information


Build. Swap. Program. Adjust.

The precise, responsive and adaptable controller under official license PlayStation 4 for an optimized experience according to the type of game you’re playing.

Designed to help you take your gaming to the next level, reach new heights of performance and achieve the best possible rankings.


The ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER is the ultimate gamers weapon in search of an optimized experience for each type of game.

The adjustable positioning of the modules on the controller — either right in the middle of a game, or when you’re not playing — lets adapt the right configuration for the best possible fit with players needs, or those of the team.

The controller’s shape and ergonomics have been designed for a perfect fit with all gaming styles: combat, sports, FPS/TPS, battle royale and even RPG.


Flawless responsiveness — thanks to the tact switches incorporated into each module and button — is a must when it comes to boosting your chances of victory. Responsive clear clicks feeling mechanically increase the sensation of control, so gamers will never have to worry about response times while playing. Enjoymore than5,000,000 activations on all buttons and more than 2,000,000 activations for the pre-calibrated ministicks.


The ESWAP PRO CONTROLLER features an unlimited modular ecosystem, at the crossroads of design and performance.

A variety of packs incorporating new features — along with different color customization packs — are available, ensuring optimal comfort and eye-catching looks that fit in with every players’ favorite games.

Try out new module textures, shapes and heights: you’ll love the different and complementary options available.


T-MOD modular technology and Hot-Swap feature, for effective in-game performance gives players the edge they need to react instantly in any situation, and improve their rankings.

The controller’s sturdy braided cable allows for a stable, rock-solid wired connection and avoids any calibration problems, latency issues or inadvertent disconnection. Controller configuration via the included PC software to adjust the different settings and sensitivity levels for the perfect fit.

The dedicated software lets you master and adjust all essential settings: save 2 different presets for enhanced gaming ergonomics and optimized comfort, to meet your specific needs.

Adjust the sensitivity, dead zones and vibration levels according to your preferences: give yourself a huge boost in your quest for gaming greatness.


The software lets you assign the function of a button or a module to any other on the controller.

Try out an infinite number of adjustments to find the best possible configuration


Adjust the central and outer dead zones on both mini-sticks to best suit your gaming style.

Set the overall sensitivity for each mini-stick according to your preferences.


Configure the central and outer dead zones at both the beginning and end of the triggers’ range of travel for enhanced gaming precision.


The intensity level of vibrations can be adjusted directly in the Thrustmapper software’s dedicated menu. Adjust the vibration intensity from 0 to 100% according to your preferences.

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