Ubisoft Heroes - Rabbid Sam Fisher - Mario & Rabbids

Ubisoft Heroes - Rabbid Sam Fisher - Mario & Rabbids

Availablility: Available to Order
  • Released 28th August 2020
  • Chibi figure, inspired from Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell and Rabbid in Raving
  • Height: 10 cm / 4"
  • Material: PVC + ABS
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This Rabbid loves to dress up. This time, he decided to wear Sam Fisher’s equipment. It must be said that this famous ex-commando who served in the NSA has quite the panache. But this Rabbid has an undeniable love for plungers…as you can see from his choice of weapon.

Ubicollectibles is celebrating all the characters from your favourite games with the Ubisoft Heroes !
Start your Ubisoft Heroes collection with this figurine directly inspired by the Rabbids and Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) .
When the craziness of a Rabbid meets the seriousness of CIA agent Sam Fisher, this leads to comical situations. This Rabbid has dressed up exactly like Sam Fisher…except for his gun, replaced by a plunger.

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