About us

The Chelsea Gamer, founded by P.Josiah Limited in 2016.

What we do?

Provide games, consoles and computer equipment to gamers.  Always with the best quality service we can provide.  All available with our channel expertise to make your choices easier!

We have a store on the Fulham Road in Chelsea, which has been described as “an Aladdin’s Cave for gamers”, by some of our clients.  Almost all of our items are available instore as well as online.  

We pride ourselves in local logistics so any online order placed by locals will receive the swiftest delivery, and are of course able to pick up in store too!

As well as TheChelseaGamer.com, we also operate on several marketplaces, both in the uk and in Europe.  Our clients from various gaming communities often take us further afield, regularly servicing clients all over the world!


How to buy from the Chelsea Gamer

How we do it?

Our experienced team have the knowledge and contact to make things work for our customers.

Logistics – Local / Domestic / International partners to deliver on our promises.

Expert sourcing – Right accounts with the right providers to get what you want at the right time and price!

Packing is important and always a priority!

Choices – Poor options removed from view.  We make sure you have the right options for your tasks!

Customer Focused – We listen to our clients and seek to improve our operation wherever possible! 

Care for our environment – Recycling and minimising waste always!

Support for the Industry - Sponsorship and promotions within the gaming community.

Who we are?

Yasmita Mulji - Director

The keenest eye for detail and over 35 years of retail experience.

Interests include Dolphins and Classical Indian Music.

Favourite game: Wii Sports.

Hemal Mulji – Gaming Lead / Manager

In the IT industry for 15 years, and responsible for two start-ups, Hemal is now on board as gaming lead. 

Interests include Chelsea Football Club and Mercedes-Benz.

Favourite game: Battlefield series.

The team behind these two are also an essential part of our operation, so all credit to them too!

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We have an open door policy when it comes to questions!  Have one? Just ask!

Company Details

P.Josiah Limited - Registered Company Number 05001260

Registered address - (Not for correspondence)
334-336 Goswell Rd
London EC1V 7RP

Store / Customer Service Address
101, Fulham Road,