Farpoint - PS4 - PSVR
Review: 5 - "A masterpiece of literature" by , written on May 4, 2006
I really enjoyed this book. It captures the essential challenge people face as they try make sense of their lives and grow to adulthood.

Farpoint - PS4 - PSVR

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Released 17th May 2017

Pre orders will receive an Exclusive Red planet wanderer space suite!

The Official PlayStation VR Aim Controller will launch exclusively with Farpoint, fully connecting the player to the virtual world in a truly unique FPS experience.

Marooned on an alien world, fight to survive as you explore and undercover its secrets.

Playing as a space shuttle pilot, you are on a routine mission to pick up scientists from The Pilgim - a space station built to study the Anomaly, a wave of incredible energy flowing into our universe from an unknown source.

Your mission takes an unexpected and catastrophic twist when the Anomaly suddenly ruptures, pulling your shuttle and The Pilgrim into it. 

Crash landed and marooned on an alien world, you set off to explore the planet, armed only with the escape pod's emergency weapon.  Your goal is to find out the fate of the crew of The Pilgrim, uncover the mystery of the Anomaly, and, most importantly, to survive...

PEGI 16+

PEGI 16+: The game may feature realistic violence to human characters including death and injury and can often include blood and bodies that remain after they are dead. The worst forms of bad language can be heard including sexual expletives.

Sexual activity can be shown but it must not include visible genitals. Depictions of erotic nudity may feature. The use of tobacco and alcohol may be encouraged, and the game can feature the use of illegal drugs. The game could glamorise crime.

This game is rated by Games rating authority and PEGI

The Chelsea Gamer and the Video Standards Council