Razer Wolverine Controller - Ultimate Edition
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Razer Wolverine Controller - Ultimate Edition

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Razer Wolverine Ultimate for Xbox One

"Our goal was to design the ultimate controller, able to adapt itself to any gamer. We started with optimized ergonomics that stays comfortable after hours of practice, and interchangeable parts so it adapts to your hands and playstyle. Add to that, Razer Chroma lighting and a suite of remappable buttons and triggers that allow you to change up your layout and execute advanced techniques with ease. Simply put, this is our most versatile and customizable controller ever."

  • Remappable Multi-Function Buttons & Triggers
  • Razer Chroma Lighting
  • Interchangeable D-Pad – Choose between Individual and Tilting Designs to suit your playstyle
  • Interchangeable Thumbsticks
  • Hair-Trigger Mode with Trigger-Stops
  • Quick Control Panel
  • Tactile Switch Action Buttons

Interchangeable Thumbsticks & D-Pad

Get the perfect fit and feel in your hands with interchangeable thumbsticks and two interchangeable D-Pads. Swap between optimized thumbstick heights and shapes, and quickly change between a tilting or individual D-Pad button layout for the best comfort and gameplay

Ergonomic Multi-Function Buttons Layout

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate comes loaded with a slew of extra buttons for advanced gaming—2 remappable Multi-Function bumpers, 4 Multi-Function triggers and a Quick Control Panel. Now you’ll have ultimate control at your fingertips¬, and with the remapping function both on-the-fly or with Razer Synapse for Xbox, you can master next-level techniques like moving and aiming with both thumbsticks.

Razer Chroma Lighting

Show off your personal style with Razer Chroma’s wide selection of lighting effects and stunning profiles, completely customizable through Razer Synapse for Xbox. Experience deeper immersion with integrated games (like X, Y, Z) and watch the lighting effects react to your gameplay.

Automatic Hair-Trigger Mode with Trigger Stops

Milliseconds make all the difference when you’re in the heat of battle. For a competitive edge, switch to Hair Trigger Mode. When activated, the mechanical stop-switches greatly reduce travel distance to the two main triggers. So all you need to do is press slightly to instantly launch full rapid fire.

Quick Control Panel

From toggling between profiles to adjusting both game volume and mic mute, the Quick Control Panel features four buttons for easy access to a whole range of functions. Conveniently located between the grips, you can simply switch your preferences in-game without taking your hands off the controller.

Compatible with Xbox One or PC

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is compatible with Xbox One or PC so you can pick your preferred mode of play—with the same ultimate enjoyment.