TX-1 Tactical Comms - Mono Game Chat Headset - PS4/Xbox One
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TX-1 Tactical Comms - Mono Game Chat Headset - PS4/Xbox One

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As the leader in mono chat headsets for over a decade, Gioteck is set to bring back the simplicity and the peripheral that sits at the very heart of online gaming.


  • Weighing almost nothing! Truly ultra lightweight, the way a comms headset is supposed to feel.
  • Fully customizable, as per the majority of our Tactical Range, with three different camo designs in pack.
  • Beautiful & Tactile rubberized finish all around.
  • External On-Ear design (The Gioteck Way) always the favourite amongst gamers, cushioned for comfort.
  • Designed with lefty or righty in mind, and with full unobtrusive comfort, using the full wrap rubber ear hook.
  • Noise Cancelling Mic, A must have for serious online chat.